Telemanipulator Model-9 for nuclear laboratories

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CarrsMSM developed the Model-9 Telemanipulator for use in nuclear laboratories. It is an answer to the need to isolate the operating technicians from particularly hazardous materials. It is the case for example in research, post irradiation examination or waste management.

In its basic form, the telemanipulator Model-9 for nuclear laboratories is a one-piece manipulator comprises of:

By means of a system of stainless-steel tapes and cables, the hot arm is capable of mimicking all movements of the cold arm. Utilising this design principle, the operator in nuclear laboratories performs extremely precise tasks safely and easily. The Model 9 Telemanipulator is essentially a manually operated machine fitted with electrical actuators to enable sideways and fore and aft separation of the hot arm to the cold arm. Control of these movements is by means of a 4-way thumb switch fitted to the handle.

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